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Dan Martinez, Managing Partner

Sales & Use Tax

Our extensive experience with audit defense projects, reverse audits, overpayment reviews, and managed audits enables us to positively affect the results of sales and use tax examinations.

Predominant Use Studies

Texas allows companies engaged in manufacturing in the state to purchase natural gas and electricity tax free. In order to qualify, a manufacturer must maintain proof of their eligibility in the form of a valid “Predominant Use Study” performed by a certified engineer.

R&D Tax Credit

The Research & Development Tax Credit allows companies, large and small, to claim a dollar for dollar reduction in tax liability for conducting qualified research within the United States.

Severance Tax

Severance Tax regulations can be complex and require significant expertise in order to reduce liabilities and increase exemptions for oil and gas producers. Both retroactive refunds and reduced exposure dramatically improve monthly cash flow and maximize return on investment (ROI).

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