Audit Reduction

Audit Reduction

Dan Martinez & Associates, LLC (M&A) is in its third decade of providing comprehensive and complimentary sales tax assessment reviews.  We begin with a FREE review of the final tax audit in a pre-discovery phase to determine if errors were introduced in the audit and processed incorrectly.   These errors can dramatically affect the outcome of a tax examination.   

Additionally, during the audit period, it is very common for taxpayers to have mis-applied taxability erroneously resulting in overpayments often overlooked during the three to four years audit period.  

M&A has distinguished itself as a leader and one of the largest independent sales tax consulting firms in reducing Texas taxpayers state tax assessments through the utilization of our methodology and extensive experience.   A significant differentiator for M&A is our capability in addressing issues, court cases and memo’s that address our clients unique audit situation to offset audit exposure.

Provided that a tax reduction arises during our review, M&A offers a competitive contingency fee (performance-based) structure that meets our client’s budgetary constraints with no upfront out-of-pocket costs.  The process below exemplifies our roadmap to maximize our clients tax savings:

M&A 6 Step Audit Reduction Methodology

  1. Redetermination Filing
  2. Tax Elimination
  3. Refund Review
  4. Settlement Agreement
  5. Payment Plan
  6. Post Reduction Consulting