Refund Review

Since 1991 Dan Martinez & Assoc. LLC (M&A) has provided our clients with tax savings strategies for state and local taxes. Our Refund Review and Recovery serves as the foundation of our tax savings strategies and is a core competency.

This best practice benefits taxpayers by leveraging the Texas four-year statute of limitations to keep our clients current on the refunds and not lose statue. The tax refunds captured by M&A’s team of tax professionals can help our clients increase cash flow and minimize expenses throughout their operations.

M&A tax consultants analyze taxpayer records, invoices and transactions to identify credits overlooked during this four-year comprehensive review. All available credits are scheduled to position taxpayers with a refund. Our 27-year operational history includes the recovery of millions of overpaid tax dollars for our clients.

M&A assumes the financial risk of the refund review by conducting the service on a performance-based fee structure (contingency-fee). Taxpayers benefit with no upfront out-of-pocket costs and ultimately incur zero costs if no refund is successfully obtained.

M&A’s unique focus in Texas has allowed us to develop a very in-depth understanding of Texas sales and use tax laws, regulatory history, and case hearings that can support a refund claim.

Our clients receive the following benefits from a tax Refund Review:

  • Zero upfront out of pocket cost
  • Comprehensive analysis of tax refund opportunities
  • Refund claims can be defended by M&A
  • Performance-based service creates increased value for our clients
  • Financial risk is shifted to M&A vs. client
  • Issues uncovered during refund review are leveraged by our clients for years to come